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Love and the quantum field

Energy centres of a woman meditating in the city

Through waves of time our beliefs and stories create our identity, tangible through our achievements, relationships and personality. The intangible aspects of feelings, thoughts and our personal electro-magnetic energy field add depth to our experience, however they can create vortexes of discomfort and dangerous addictive rabbit holes.


As an Oriental medicine practitioner I became aware that each of us has a Unique Energetic Signature (UES) based on our natural constitution and current lifestyle. Rather than trying to 'fix' people I decided to work with the laws of nature and guide my clients to influence their UES using their breath, tapping acupoints and connecting the intellect, intuition and instinct with Heart-brain coherence meditations. This self-healing aspect has become one of the greatest joys in working with my clients


As an empath I can easily be overwhelmed by the effects of a busy, modern, digitally-enhanced world. I had to experience burnout before I began to tune into the teachings of Eckhardt Tolle, Gangaji, Mooji and Rupert Spira. The adage of the non-duality movement "you are not your body or your mind but the consciousness which is their source" suddenly made sense. If I am aware that I have a body and bundles of thoughts, then if I was to get to know this awareness more intimately I could likely influence my health and wellbeing. This Unity Consciousness Principle (UCP) helps me to observe rather than just absorb what is going on around me. The quantum field responds to this observer effect and will magnify what our conscious attention is focussed on. Becoming entangled with the whirlpools of energy that are individual human beings requires vigilant awareness of the intangible boundaries which seemingly separate us. Those around us who are in competition for seemingly scarce recognition/power/money may drain our resources knowingly or unknowingly. Becoming discerning in regards to authenticity, underlying motivations helps me to determine who I allow my attention to nourish; Energy flows where attention goes.


Blending with the natural world and with animals can help us to develop trust and openness. To feel this sense of blending our energies with another, in trust and safety, is a recognition of shared consciousness or Love. We share in the experience of a moment with our beloveds and call it love, however the feelings associated are peace, contentment, gratitude or joy. This I feel is our true nature, a state of being which allows us to navigate our own unique journey, to inspire others to walk theirs' and to thrive.

Through my own journey of health practitioner burnout, divorce and a rare bone marrow disorder I have found my field of joy - physically, energetically and spiritually. I would love to share this wisdom with you!

Learn about your own Unique Energetic Signature over a six week course, where we will dive into your Oriental Medicine blueprint and you can discover how to tune into your self-healing superpowers of energetic resonance.

Book a free consultation with me to see if this feels right for you at this point in your life. Click the link above then join up as a member to be eligible for the free consult when you checkout (there is no charge but we will need your name, address, phone). Send us an email at if you have any issues!


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