Helping End Sex Slavery

Here at Transparency TV we are inspired and moved by the work of compassionate beings working to better the lives of women in asian countries, who are experiencing abuse and hardship on a daily basis. As the natural nurturers within their families and communities, the culture as a whole suffers w... View Post

Life in Havana, Cuba

The Internet is not really a thing yet in Cuba. Public wi-fi in parks or hotels allows you to Facebook the world or try to organise a film shoot in one of the most sought-after, eclectic locations.... View Post

All Natural, Performance-driven Skincare

All Natural, Performance-driven Skincare handmade in our Australian certified-organic organic lab, located in the Byron Bay hinterland. View Post

Clean and Green. Why organic skincare is a beauty must

It is now common knowledge that over 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bloods... View Post

Cuba Re-evolution takes a peek into the heart of Cuba’s resilience and how it’s affectionate and so... View Post

The Art to Healing

Human slavery is a 32 billion-dollar industry. Over 1.2 million children are trafficked across th... View Post