About Us


TransparencyTV is a group of independent creatives, based in Australia. 

Through our film projects, sustainable products and stories we are 'Shining the light on remarkable humans and solutions for a more equitable world'.

We love looking through the lens of Inter-connectiveness and the creative, enthusiastic souls that will be the makers and shakers of a new world view.

We believe that it will take only a small % of the world's population to create a tipping point for positive change, even as little as 10%. Those awakening to this fact are passionately and quietly working towards bringing about a cohesive, joyful and equitable world for all. 

These Agents of Change recognise that the combination of Personal Courage (to be the best of who we truly are) and True Compassion (to see other people, animals and the environment as inter-connected) is a powerful force for creating Harmony and Peace.

We do too and we want to see more of it, so we are creating films, products and stories to inspire and uplift humanity, because we think its time that 'Transparency was the New Black'.

Diane Carter - Founder, TransparencyTV