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Phoenix Rising - Powerful Women Who Rose From The Ashes To Claim Their Place


Would you like to turn your pain into wisdom and your experiences into your superpower? Would you like guidance from those who have gone before you? Then join us on this heartfelt journey with 19 extraordinary women who have shared the story of the experiences that tried to break them and how they turned their challenges into their strength and rose renewed and on fire to create lives of purpose and passion. In Phoenix Rising you’ll hear from an incredible group of women who have lain beneath the ashes of the lives they once knew, experienced a rebirth and used the flames that burned all they knew to the ground to ignite the fire inside them and to rise up brighter, stronger and more on purpose than ever to achieve their dreams. In a world that is so superficial it can appear that those around us are doing better than we are, that they have something we don’t, that we couldn’t possibly do what they have done. In Phoenix Rising these women show you behind the scenes of their lives and what it took for them to get to where they are today. If you’re ready to be inspired, impacted and ignited by women just like you so you can learn from their wisdom and apply it to your own life to spread your wings and soar towards your goals then turn the first page and get ready to take flight.


This is your official invite to join us for the "Phoenix Rising Summit", a free, all-inclusive event! I’ll be speaking on the topic of How to activate your Self-healing Superpowers and had to share this with you. At the summit, we are gathering together as people from all over the world and every walk of life. You'll meet and learn from true leaders, coaches, practitioners who have turned their challenges into their triumphs. The event is hosted by Four Eagles Publishing and the authors of our #1 International Best-selling book Phoenix Rising. Join us - don't miss this - and choose to live creatively and on purpose!